DIY Art Ideas

Looking for a quick and easy art project? Or need an inexpensive art piece? I was looking for thirty and unique artwork when I remembered something I saw from Better Homes and Garden that gave me a few ideas.

Frame Scraps and Create Art

I’ve been collecting picture frames when they are on sale for a hall photo gallery I’m planning so I had a few frames on hand. Why not frame scrapbook paper! It comes in so many cool colors, patterns and designs!

Here are a few pages of scrapbook paper framed in Lily’s room.

My neighbor, Alison, stopped by while I had everything sprawled out on my dining room table and liked the idea so much she decided to create a scrapbook display for her sunroom. I have artwork envy! I love how hers turned out!!!

For a close up.

Another idea is to frame fabric. I purchased a duvet in the ‘as is’ section of Ikea for $10. While I determine how to use the bulk of the material, I went ahead and framed some pieces for the playroom.

Decoupage Something

This was my first decoupage project and I’ll admit it was not as easy as framing paper or fabric. I had some challenges keeping the paper from bubbling. If you have tips to share – please do!!! I applied Mod Podge to a stretched canvas, layered a couple of piece of scrapbook paper and then coated it with another layer of Mod Podge. The monogram is Lily’s initials in a Word document. I used Edwardian Script font. I hot glued the matte frame and the monogram and painted the canvases edges to finish this piece.   

Refresh a Picture Frame

I had a couple of frames that were missing the glass but I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. I spray painted a frame to match Lily’s decor and I hung it on the wall. Centered in the frame is a butterfly cut from scrapbook paper. I see a theme here – I have a lot of extra scrapbook paper lying around our house! I’m surprised at how much I liked this. In fact, I’m going to incorporate this idea into my hall gallery.

Have any secrets on how to transform scraps to art? Do tell!!

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