Lighten Up – Lamp Shade Covers

Lamp 1 – Lily’s Lamp Shade

As mentioned in the sneak peak of Lily’s room, I used twin sheets for Lily curtains. I had extra fabric to use and an old inexpensive Target lamp sitting in the attic. I wasn’t sure what else to do with the scrap pieces so I thought I’d give it shot. Below is a picture of Lily’s lamp shade. I didn’t take step by step pictures but a tutorial is coming soon. Check back soon (or join our mailing list) to get the instructions on how to recover a shade. In the meantime, Young House Love, provides a great tutorial on how to recover a round shade here.

Lamp 2 – Roses

This lamp shade is my friend Kristin’s daughter’s lamp shade. I thought it was adorable that I begged her to let me share it. She embellished a Target lampshade with silk flowers from Walmart. She used a wooden skewer to poke holes through the shade and then she inserted the stems. You could also try spray adhesive or a hot glue gun as an alternative. It’s it adorable!

Lamp 3 – My $45 mistake

Lastly, this is my $45 mistake. I hung a couple of swing-arm lamp shades from Lowes in our bedroom. With the first, I installed the wall plate backwards, which that in itself would have been ok (I could have unscrewed it and installed it correctly). The clincher is when I couldn’t get the lamp flush to the wall I applied threadlocking glue. Little did I know it was permanent. Walt talked to the guys at Lowe’s and they didn’t have a replacement part or a viable solution. The guys at Ace Hardware laughed at me then tried unsuccessfully to help me. I even tried to heat it (per internet instructions) with no luck. I finally gave up and decided it was a $45 mistake and I just needed to buy another lamp. Thankfully I didn’t purchase the more expensive Potterybarn lamp I desired. Lesson learned – the wall plate needs to be flush with the wall – I’m not sure what I was thinking.

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4 Responses to Lighten Up – Lamp Shade Covers

  1. Melissa L says:

    both lamp shades are very cute!!! question: for the roses one, does it greatly limit the light emitted by the lamp (i.e., is it for decorative purposes only)?

    • guyers says:

      Yes! Per Kristin, the lamp is fully functional and is the sole light source by the bed. Darker flowers might yield less light but the ivory blooms don’t pose a problem.

  2. Walt says:

    The work here seems a little shady. Right up my alley. I like it. – Walt

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